Zsolnay Light Art Mapping Competition


Zsolnay Light Art


Zsolnay Light Festival is Hungary’s first and only thematic light festival, and due to the level of high quality, visitors and professional success, it has become outstanding even by international standards.

The 4-day event organically combines the world of light festivals with audio-visual concerts and street art productions. It is a unique gem among Hungarian festivals with its modern, forward-thinking concept, and the multidisciplinary approach makes it absolutely one-of-akind in Europe.

The festival’s program is composed around Pécs’s Mediterranean downtown area, structural cultural heritage and historic monuments dating back to ancient times, colorful nationalities and traditions to consciously raise awareness about its UNESCO World Heritage Site values. The free, open-air program, which started in 2016, is a genuine tourist attraction strengthening the city’s cultural image in a unique way.

As part of the festival, we are the organizing partner and official host of the Zsolnay Light Art Mapping Competition to be composed on the Pécs Cathedral. The mapping surface covers the Cathedral’s Southern façade, towers, roof and rear towers. We have seen several wonderful artworks by Zsolnay Light Art contestants from all over the world in the past years.  The Mapping Competition is free for all visitors, and is recommended for all ages.