Curated by Leo Kuelbs

As part of Aurora 2015, October 16, Dallas, Texas

Sound Reactive and VJ Visuals by Glowing Bulbs
“Immaculate Fluxes” Composed by Joris Blanckaert, Performed by Elise Caluwaerts
DJ – N’Conduit

“Sense/Coalescence” is a collaborative exhibition demonstrating a multi-sensory meeting point and presenting it large-scale as part of Dallas’ Aurora 2015. Inspired by the phenomenon “synesthesia,” where senses elicit sympathetic responses from other senses, “Sense/Coalescence” uses different creative processes to inspire one another in an organic, open manner. Visual artists respond to vocalists, singing works composed specifically for the event. DJs and VJs perform together, reflecting and presenting sonic and visually realized responses in real time. A set of mapping pieces considers the nature of Dependent Origination, which states that all things arise in dependence of multiple causes and conditions. All of these dynamic pieces fit together, forming a living representation of a concept involving greater depth and connectedness. Presented upon the Wyly Building for one night, as part of Aurora 2015. This is “Sense/Coalescence.”

The creative team from Glowing Bulbs, along with Curator Leo Kuelbs and Artist John Ensor Parker (aka 3_Search) developed “Sense/Coalescence” in collaboration with Opera Singer Elise Caluwearts and Composer Joris Blanckaert. In many ways, “Sense/Coalescence” can be seen as an evolution of various collaborations and concepts already explored by the various pa

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