Scale Model

Scale Model is a redux show of two of our most important projection mappings from the past years.
Two buildings, CHB Berlin and Wyly replicated as scale models to enable space and time travel for those who missed these events.
We elevated the models, to simulate the illusion of being on site.

#1 – “Blueprints and Perspectives,” a world class projection-mapped artwork on the iconic Wyly Building celebrates Dallas’s emergence as a center of culture and creativity.
Created by 3_Search, as part of Aurora 2013, “Blueprints and Perspectives” recontextualizes architecture, composition, art history and technology.
Made possible by Dallas Morning News

Sound Design and Music by Péter Sabák (Studio H)

#2 – “LightBox” and “CineBox” are the titles of the diptych Glowing Bulbs created for the extraordinary CHB building in Berlin.
LightBox explores the space in relation of illusion, while CineBox adds time to the equations, further expanding the narrative of the building.
Made possible by Collegium Hungaricum Berlin – 2009/2010

The redux was sponsored by: MVM

Music: by Péter Sabák (Studio H)

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