In celebration of the release of Dom Perignon P2; Vintage 1998

July, 2014
New York, USA

Evolution² is a new dome-based projection-mapping event created by The Leo Kuelbs Collection and Glowing Bulbs in celebration of the release of Dom Perignon’s new P2 Premium Champagne. Presented a private location, to a select audience, Evolution² is customized evolution, a desire for heightened individuality, incorporating transformative blends of nature, science, art and design.

Evolution² is the zenith on which P2 sits, a peak in a still greater journey through time. From this vantage point, the team from Leo Kuelbs Collection and Glowing Bulbs will role out wave upon wave of imagery inspired by Dom Perignon’s rich history and deep connection to nature. Revelations of hidden synergies and special spaces—only visible in intense darkness or light—give way to surprising forms, evolving codes, and new perspectives and interpretations of previously accepted reality.

The customized “Dom Dome,” evokes elemental shapes and forms, the very building blocks of all design. It also allows Evolution² to be presented in other sites, previously an impossibility, and an evolution all its own.

The Leo Kuelbs Collection
Artists: Glowing Bulbs
Sound by: Studio H
Production Design: John Ensor Parker
Audio/Video Support: Integrated Visions Productions, LLC
Dome: Freedome
Additional footage: by Saga

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