The Leo Kuelbs Collection in collaboration with Glowing Bulbs proudly presented a series of video-based events in celebration of the North American release of the Dom Perignon 2004 Rosé. Three distinct, yet interlocking, projects were created to not only celebrate the revelation of the Rosé, but also provide depth and insight into the world of Dom Perignon. All of this happening in the beating, creative heart of New York City’s Lower East Side.

The “Rosé Coat of Arms” used imagery inspired by the new Rosé as a jumping off point into the greater world of Dom Perignon. As the Rosé shield morphs, visions related to the brand’s history and heritage take flight. Projected onto a massive shield, the “Rosé Coat of Arms” served as the visual centerpiece of the “Kingdom” release week events.

“Keys to the Kingdom” is a single-channel video offering animated views of the brand’s history and birthplace. The Abbey at Hautvillers comes alive through a variety of photographic and animation techniques, while the cellars of Epernay open up revealing colorful imagery and unexpected access into hundreds of years of history. A custom-created short film.

“The Night of the Turntables” was the crowning achievement of the KINGDOM release week events. The creative team from Glowing Bulbs mixed an amazing array of stunning animations, all custom-created, to live music for a selected group of VIP party-goers. A climactic culmination of an amazing week of celebration and revelation, and truly a once in a lifetime experience.

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