“Liquid Luminescence” is an amazing hybrid of projection mapping with live VJ and DJ work presented on the façade of the P1 Nightclub, which is housed within the iconic Haus der Kunst structure in Munich. An evolutionary blend of Fine Art, Technology and Creative Collaboration, “Liquid Luminescence,” is a celebration of Dom Pergnon’s latest vintages. Visions of darkness and light, undulating, coalescing color reflecting, reacting to the essence of darkness itself are at heart of “Liquid Luminescence.” This complex, paradoxical harmony is enhanced as “Liquid Luminescence” is created and performed live, by Glowing Bulbs VJs, mixing an array of abstract imagery with mapped content, to the sounds of DJ Pierre Sarkozy.

Created live, then presented in the days to come, “Liquid Luminescence” is a completely unique experience created for special guests, then shared with the world.

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